Ellimae is a rescue farm.
here are just a few of the many animals rescued
over the years
Goats and pigs are bottle fed
from the time they are born, and
are raised in the house under
the care of 9 loving dogs
Feral kittens abandoned at
birth cuddling with Grisman
Dixie : Our larger pig was saved
from a sad situation at a fair in NC
at only 4 weeks old 2007.
Poor Dixie passed away in 2010
due to an evil hunter.
Our dogs were rescued from
animal shelters in Idaho and
here in NC

All our cats were feral and
brought here to be farm family.
Elek and baby Wilder
June bug: So infested with lice
when we found her. She was weak,
emaciated and anemic.2013 and
June bug is still with us!
Zachary: 37 years old and still kickin!
Been with Sylvia for 34 years!
Zach was laid to rest April 2013
Wingnut: Born in 1998, to weak to
nurse was brought back from near death
3 times!
      1998-2012  RIP
Valentine: This poor girl pony had not had her
feet trimmed in 5 years and had never been
vaccinated. No longer with Ellimae but happy to
report she was placed in a wonderful home
Lilly: Survived 2 c-sections and
produced wonderful kids.
2001- 2012  RIP
Monkey: Our only Nigerian Drawf was
considered useless and of no value
because of his waddle growing on his ear.
Andy  Our Alpaca was rescued along
with Dusty in 2012 and we are happy
to report a year later he is doing great!
Dusty a baby mini donkey was rescued
from severe neglect in November 2012
sadley we were not able to save Dusty
and he passed away 3 months later
These pictures are from some
of our more severe rescues.
Many many more have come
to find love and rehabilitation
here on the farm over the
April 2012 - May 2015
You were an amazing animal!